Syndication Mentoring Club (SMC) is a private, educational program intended to accelerate the success of a growing network of independent syndicators.
Syndication is simply the business of putting together partnerships for funding some form of investment or enterprise.

The concept is simple.   A “sponsor” organizes an opportunity and offers to share it with private investors.  The sponsor executes the deal and divides the profits with the investors. Click here to listen to an episode of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show on Stepping Up the Next Level through Syndication.
SMC’s mission is to accelerate the personal and professional success of member syndicators. SMC gathers, organizes and shares real-world knowledge from successful syndicators, qualified subject matter experts and technical advisors … and the members themselves.

There are very few original and unsolvable problems.  Nearly every challenge a fledgling syndicator may face has already been solved by someone else.  SMC helps its members find real-world answers faster.
Through its members, SMC plays an important role in reclaiming billions of dollars from Wall Street … and helping Main Street investors invest in and profit from Main Street opportunities.
SMC members are committed to relationships for life, extreme diligence, perpetual personal and professional growth; and having a positive impact on people, communities and the environment. The membership is bound together by a creed and culture of abundance, collaboration, and commitment to advancing the mission, vision and values of the club.
For details about how to join SMC, click here now.